Unveil your dream investment – a stunning resort strategically nestled on the coveted north coast of the Dominican Republic, perfectly positioned between the vibrant hubs of Sosua and Cabarete. This gem spans an expansive 4.5 acres or 18,211 m²,

DRL# 5385
Sosua, Dominican Republic
$5,999,995 USD  
Astonishing Resort - 100+ Rooms
Astonishing Resort - 100+ Rooms
Astonishing Resort - 100+ Rooms
Astonishing Resort - 100+ Rooms
Astonishing Resort - 100+ Rooms

Property Description

Over 100 meticulously designed rooms to accommodate and pamper your guests in style.

Multiple restaurant locations, creating a culinary haven for guests to savor delectable flavors.

Two exquisite swimming pools, inviting relaxation and recreation amidst a lush tropical setting.

An impressive on-site building that houses a buzzing, popular bar, a fully-equipped gymnasium, and on the ground floor, a restaurant and bar facilities overlooking the second pool.

Conveniently situated just 20 minutes away from the Gregorio Luperon International Airport (designated as POP), ensuring easy access for travelers.

This is not merely a resort; it's an investment in the art of hospitality, offering endless possibilities for luxury living and revenue generation.

Seize the opportunity of a lifetime! Contact us today to explore more about this prime resort and embark on a journey of prosperity in paradise. Your resort dream awaits! #InvestmentOpportunity #DominicanRepublic #ResortLiving #LuxuryRealEstate

Bedrooms: 10 or moreBathrooms: 10 or more
Lot Size: 18211 m2Gated Community: YES
Green View: YESFurnished: YES
Pool: YES 

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Information About Sosua

Sosúa is a small town in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic. Located approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) from the Puerto Plata International Airport (POP), the town is accessed primarily by Camino Cinco, or Highway 5, which runs much of the length of the country's North coastline.

Source: Sosúa Wikipedia page